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35 Forests of Fears Tenoroc sends two villains to the Enchanted Forest this time: The human flame-thrower, Fire Phoenix and the bull headed Minotaur to destroy the multiverse both in their own unique purpose.[2] The CGI series stars Tommy Campbell as Matt Hatter, Larissa Murray as Roxie, Marcel Mccalla as Gomez and Kevin Eldon as Tenoroc.Tenoroc unleashes a time- twisting super villain called Tick Tock to change the outcome of Alfred and Tenoroc s final battle by going back in time.33 The Doom Stone Tenoroc plans to destroy the Enchanted Forest by setting the dim witted Troll to sniff out an evil rock called the doom stone.

The series was primarily recorded at Pinewood Studios in the UK.37 Shrinking Gas In order to bring the Multiverse to its knees, Lord Tenoroc sends the small but deadly Gangster Bug to stink up the airways.Matt Hatter Chronicles Matt Hatter Chronicles [1] is a United Kingdom and Canadian animated series that started airing on Teletoon on 8 September 2012.31 Flight of the Golden Arrow Tenoroc sends Cupid to find the last golden arrow of Apollo so he can fire it into a multiverse skyrip so realms will collide and Tenoroc will be free.

The cell blaster gets an upgrade too thanks to a special key that Magnifico had and the battle against Tenoroc continues.

Can Matt send both of these villains back into the chronicles or will it be too much and will the multiverse be brought down by Tenoroc s might?

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