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We encourage you to take a look at all of these sections since there are many helpful resources in each of them.

By Kenneth Search Phil, a bank loan officer, is fired from his job owing to recurrent violations of his employer’s policy regarding computer use.

Using the terminology of the medically authoritative (Fourth Edition, Revised), any addiction can be seen as an impulse control disorder.

Below is a set of criteria for Internet addiction based on that view (courtesy of the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery).

Some organizations now offer online support groups, discussion boards, blogs, and online communities as additional ways to connect with others in similar situations.

These can be helpful additions to in-person support groups and can be especially helpful if there are no groups in your area.

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Support groups are open to anyone, but they are often focused on specific topics (i.e. So, take some time and do some research to find the right one for you and your current situation. Do not be discouraged if the first support group you find doesn't quite feel right.Mental Health America has its own support community through Inspire which enables individuals to connect on a variety of issues and topics related to mental health.Your local Mental Health America affiliate is an excellent resource to assist you in finding support groups in your area.Computer use has led to some very good things—increased business productivity, easy access to resources for learning and personal growth, and opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

Unfortunately, for many of its users, the growing availability of the Internet also has led to abuse and unhealthy dependency.Phil was cruising the Internet at work, viewing pornography and participating in chat rooms in which the topic is sex and participants engage in online sexual play.