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25-Jan-2018 20:33

PIN, password, or pattern Remember when passwords didn't have to be complicated? Those days are gone, and cybercrime risks mean fingerprint scanners are next to useless. Encryption isn’t about secrets; it’s about security. Consider the accounts you’re still logged into on the Internet.

Now think of all that data in the hands of a thief. Due to the wealth of apps we all download and pour data into, our smartphones have become a reliable indicator of our lives, an extension of who we are.

Loading times do naturally vary between manufacturer and OS — some reports state that the Nexus 5 takes longer than most to decrypt, while the effect on W10M and i Phones is minimal — but you won’t be lagging so far behind it becomes a huge nuisance.

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It’s perfectly understandable if you’re troubled by the growing powers of international governments in infringing your privacy.