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“Even if I didn’t have a line into your head, Meredith, I’d know what your next argument would be. And feeling how taut her body was made her step a little more stiffly, hold her flattened hands a little more rigidly by her hips as she went. ” Even as she started edging away, Clare couldn’t look away from the silvery girl she’d known.

Where the metallic lycra wasn’t gripping her, she was naked to the air. ” Rotating to keep facing Clare, Meredith started stalking her, one step before the other.

She looked into her own silver-painted face, framed by the shining cap. She pivoted to face outward, to begin her patrol of the floor, as programmed. She wondered if keeping staff away was part of the game. But most of her wanted to be told to stalk downstairs, walk outside. Let the sun glare off her silver and make this even more real. This felt so much different than the last time, playing robot with just Leslie—more real. Mincing in the high-heeled boots was stranger and hotter than padding around barefoot. You—” she sobbed prettily “—you don’t want to robotize me!

look what you’ve to her.” Her mother posed languidly beside the statue-like girl, brushing a fingertip across a nipple straining under metallic spandex, moving another through Leslie’s frozen gaze. “Until I get the instruction driver installed, anyway.” “Mother! From one pocket of the labcoat, Dr Stevens took a cellphone, frowned, and reached into another for a remote. Now she felt the spandex grip her head, her breasts, her crotch. You rather tiresome, but I’m proud of how resolutely you defended all that foolishness. “You’ll never feel doubt again, Meredith.” “Please, Mother! “Once you’re programmable, you’ll always know what you must do.” “No, Mother,” Meredith whispered. It would have hypnotized her if she weren’t already so . She was facing the corridor wall as she came to attention, loving the pointlessness. You will ” Clare held the featherduster like a weapon.

He was looking at her silver outfit and all it showed of her, helpless to stop. ry.thing is fine.” Walt managed a sickly smile and a gallant bow, and headed away, out of this wing of the house.

Her girlfriend, her mother, and Clare stood in a row. She may still believe some things are more important than obeying you.” “Would she do I commanded her to, slave? Then, you will sleep again.” “Yes, Mistress.” Meredith began stroking herself.

Breathing into the mike at her lips was all the plea and thanks she could manage. “ted.” Not blinking, she evaded his gaze by staring through it. He twitched, about to run away, but then became as still as she. Her mother was in control, and enjoying her daughter’s display.

Meredith savored it and sensed her mother doing the same. Seeing someone else triggered another posthypnotic suggestion, and obeying it swept over her like flicking her clit too soon. “ted.” Clare was lovely in full French-maid drag, legs shapely in fishnets under the pleated flare of her miniskirt.

You just won’t ever be able to initiate a thought or action for yourself. She’d been dressed and painted into another fetish robot like Leslie. After this, though, when you think at all, it will only be to accept anything I’ve told you, until I tell you something else. ” “You won’t need it, dear.” Her mother kissed her cheek. I’ll stay free—or—or—I’ll make you burn out my mind like . Its volume started to pulse, too, in synch with the lights. She opened the door, paused, stepped through, paused, and closed it.

“I may be a mad scientist, dear, but I’m not “Thanks to Lesbot, your robotization won’t destroy your mind—just realign it forever! “And, well, if you do get mindwiped, you’ll become a really obedient daughter. Look to your left.” Meredith obeyed, and found a mirror. Something fed more beeping into her ears, with electronic noise behind it. She snapped left again, close enough to brush the other robot’s silvery breast with her arm. Like a mime, she broke her movements into separate parts, as if Merebot’s task buffer only had room for single actions. bot is pro.grammed for lute ” Clare winced, and it broke her fixation on Meredith. “I’m beginning to see where your inner slavegirl comes from. When Dr Stevens awakened, she would be in her famous secret laboratory, hard at work on her infamous experiments to turn human subjects into robotic slaves.

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